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Razorback Sod

Sod Care & Maintenance


Water is the most essential element for strong and healthy sod. You must also know when to water depending on the weather and time of year. Water your lawn once a week during the cooler months. Warmer temperature requires watering about 2 times per week. During the summer months you should water your lawn everyday.


Mowing and trimming your lawn should be done on a weekly basis. For best results, use a rotary blade mower, making sure not to cut more than 1/3 of the length of the blade. Grass is susceptible to disease if cut shorter than 2 inches.

Fertilizing your lawn is equally as important as watering it. When using fertilizer make sure it's done immediately after mowing and then water the lawn immediately after fertilizing. This will prevent the sod from getting burned by the fertilizer. Make sure to use a nitrogen-rich formula with a 16-16-16 ratio.

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